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Proof of Vaccinations & Required Paper Work for Training Please click and print links below:


Training Client Agreement


Equipment Needed:

1. SHOES - Please wear only flat, closed toe, closed heel shoes to class with a rubber sole (such as gym shoes)

2.  LEASH – 4-6 ft long leather or nylon leash required (no chain leashes)…larger dogs should have thicker leashes. Absolutely no retractable leashes allowed at K9TS.


  • Use your best judgment in choosing treats for your dog.
  • Try new treats out prior to class in small amounts to ensure treats agree with your dog and that he likes them.
  • Reserve an extra special treat for class that your dog does not get at home. (hot dogs are great!)
  • Bring two types of treats to class for variety. It is best to bring moist/chewy treats.
  • Bring plenty of treats cut into tiny pieces. It’s better to go home with leftovers than to run out in class.
  • For optimal training results, it's best to not feed your dog for at least 5 hours before class.

4. POOP BAGS - Participants are required to clean up after their dogs both inside and outside of facility. Please have your dog eliminate immediately before entering the training facility. Car rides are exciting for most dogs so even if your dog emptied at home, it is best to let him eliminate again before entering the building.




Puppy Only Class 8-16 weeks

Head Instructor, Bridget Kilcommons & Assistant Instructor Claudia Green

Dates: Mondays 6:30pm Open Ended Class

Length: 60 minutes

Any Prerequisites: Proof showing your dog has been seen by the vet and is in process of Vacc Schedule

Age Requirements: 8-16 weeks

Rates: 4 Sessions $80 or $25 per session

Brief Description: This is a FANTASTIC class for all puppies! Developed by Head Trainer Bridget Kilcommons this class will be 1 Hour working in Three 20 minute increments. Everyday we see exactly what the most common problems are in adult dogs via private lessons and training. This class is geared towards prevention of the most common potential future problems in adult dogs because of under exposure. Don't miss this open ended class! 

20 Minute Puppy Exchange/Answer Question Part 1 - Common Problem 1: Fear of people... someone with a hat, men, dark hair, tall, short or just new people in general. In these 20 minutes we will pass your puppy around the circle. This allows for your puppy to be exposed to variety of people, smells, looks, voices, men or women.  As we are passing our puppies during this time we will also take any questions i.e. potty training, crate training, nipping, jumping. 

20 Minute Puppy Surface, Noise, Vet Exam & Grooming Exposure Part 2 - Common problem 2: We see dogs that fear so many noises from toasters popping, door bells, loud banging or a dropped pan we also see dogs with fears of various surfaces, fear of vet exams or grooming. In this 20 minute session we will practice vet exams, and expose your puppy to various grooming equipment i.e. grooming tub, table, brush, touching feet etc.  Your puppy will be exposed to concrete, carpet, plastic, door bells and various other noises exposing them to many sounds and textures. 

20 Minute Staging Beginning Puppy O.B. Part 3  Navigating Obstacles such as a small jump, or standing on an elevated surface, beginning name recognition and recall... great tips and fun games for at home to keep the entire family involved in obedience.

Please Note:  This class does not include Puppy Social.  FREE puppy socials are offered on Sundays from 10am-11am.  Please see top of page for more information on Puppy Social.



Beginners Obedience Class - Head Instructor, Bridget Kilcommons


Brief Description:  Fundamentals in formal and functional control.  Building engagement through play and food drives, move with handler on lead, accompany following, sit, down, front open recall, waiting at threshold (i.e. door)

Dates:Thursday, November 7th 6:30pm

Length: 60 minutes / 6weeks

Any Prerequisites: Proof of vaccinations

Age Requirements: None

Rates: $135


Intermediate Obedience Class - Head Instructor, Bridget Kilcommons


Brief Description:  Sharpening up and fine tuning skills learned in Beginners class ....focus on duration, distractions, distance, phasing out food lures for commands, building speed in response to commands, start of off lead and drop lead movement, finish, open recalls, wait and long sit, down, stand, stay......

Dates:  Thursday, November 7th  8pm-9pm

Length: 60 minutes / 6weeks

Any Prerequisites:  Proof of vaccinations and prior completion of a basic class

Rates: $135


Advanced Open Class - Head Instructor, Bridget Kilcommons   

Brief Description:  Gearing towards competitive work or gaining overall better control

Dates:  Wednesday 7:30pm   open ended class

Length: 60 minutes

Any Prerequisites:  Must have completed Beginners and/or Intermediate Classes or approved by trainer, proof of vaccinations

Rates: $15   



Dog Reactive Class - Head Instructor, Bridget Kilcommons

Brief Description:   For those that have dogs that are reactive to other dogs, people or become highly stimulated in public situations where control is Compromised.  If you can't do a traditional OB Class because your dog is too reactive at the sight of other dogs or you struggle taking your dog to public places like the vet due to the close proximity of other dogs and people ...you need to enroll in The reactive dog class. No need to be afraid as all dogs will be started and worked off of back ties for better overall safety and control as well as to instill comfort and confidence in the handler.

Dates:  Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

Length: 60 minutes Open Ended Class

Any Prerequisites:  Proof of vaccinations

Rates: 1 Session $35

             4 Sessions $128

             8 Sessions $224


Equipment Needed: long line of 15-30ft and a nylon or leather 6-10 ft lead, 1 buckle collar and 1 training collar such as a martingale or other.....



Developmental Sport Work -    Head Instructor, Bridget Kilcommons       Decoy - Mark Ryden

Brief Description: For Schutzhund, French Ringsport or Personal Protection

Dates:  TBD

Length: 2 hours depending on number of dogs

Any Prerequisites:  Must have prior phone consultation with Head Trainer Bridget Kilcommons

Equipment Needed: working dog harness and long line, collar and training collar of choice.

Rates: $20


Dog Tricks Class - Instructor Michelle Meyer

Brief Description:  You will learn how to teach your dog over 20 tricks in this course! Teaching our dogs a variety of tricks is not only a fun way to show our friends and family how smart our beloved pet is...it's also further obedience for our dogs. The more we teach our dogs the more capable they are of learning. If our dogs are challenged and mentally stimulated daily, they live happy, fulfilled lives and are less likely to find destructive ways to occupy themselves. Tricks include shake/give paw, roll over, crawl, retrieving, sit pretty/beg, wave hello, cross paws, speak, chase tail, take a bow, treats on paws, high 5, high 10, back up, and more!

Dates: TBD

Length: 6 weeks

Any Prerequisites: No

Misc Requirements: The first class is orientation and meets without dogs.  Please bring documentation showing your dog meets our vaccine and fecal requirements to orientation.  Please do not bring the "Puppy Passport" or similar logs. We need a COPY of computer printout/receipt from your dog's veterinarian, breeder, or rescue organization to be RETAINED FOR OUR RECORDS. Documentation should identify you (name, address, etc.) and your dog (breed, age, etc.).

Rates: $125



Resource Guarding - Instructor Lisa Bataska

Brief Description:  This topic is one of the more challenging behaviors to deal with.  Resource guarding is when a dog will not allow his family and/or another dog near something he finds valuable to the point he will growl, lunge, or possible bite.  Learn how to see the behavior and what you can do to help the situation.

Dates: TBD


Any Prerequisites: No

Equipment Needed:

Misc Requirements:

Rates: $45


CGC & Therapy Dog Workshop - Certified Evaluator and Head Instructor Bridget Kilcommons

Brief Description: Need to prepare for the CGC or TDI, or wonder if your dog has what it takes?  Maybe you just want to see where you dog may need a little more work before testing.  Come on out to the workshop and see where your dogs stands.  No Pressure because it's not a test! have fun with it!

Dates: TBD

Length: 10am - 12pm

Any Prerequisites:                                                             

Misc Requirements:

Rates: $35



Canine Good Citizenship Testing - Certified Evaluator & Head Instructor Bridget Kilcommons

Brief Description:   http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/index.cfm


Length: Please Book your time directly with Certified Evaluator Claudia Green at msphantom24@comcast.net

Any Prerequisites:

Misc Requirements:

Rates: $20


Therapy Dog Testing- Certified Evaluator & Assistant Trainer Claudia Green

Brief Description:   http://www.tdi-dog.org/


Length: Please contact Certified Evaluator Claudia Green at msphantom24@comcast.net to register

Any Prerequisites:

Misc Requirements:

Rates: $15



Structured Daycare/Training - Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Head Instructor, Bridget Kilcommons

Assistant Trainer, Claudia Green

$35 Per Day

5 Day Package $165 ($33 per day)

10 Day Package $300 ($30 per day)

Drop off between 6am - 10am

Pick up no later than 7pm

Structured Daycare is from 9:30am - 5:30pm

* due to the time spent with trainer there are no discounts allowed for multiple dogs.

Structured Daycare is for dogs or clients that need or are looking for a more structured environment for playtime with a trainer.  THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE USED AS A BOARD & TRAIN PROGRAM.  This program can be used in conjunction with at home training or obedience classes.  Dogs are rotated in groups or individually and are monitored by the trainer for proper play behavior and manners.

This is a structured environment and routine.  For example, they are crated, let out for bathroom breaks, work individually and then, if applicable in play groups.


NEW!!!  Structured Daycare/Training & Healthy Dog Program $230

Cesar Milan Quotes:

“We have to use exercise, discipline and affection every day. Most of the time people share affection, affection, affection, and that creates frustration. In a powerful breed, that's going to lead him into aggression. So exercise and discipline play a big role in balance.”

K9 Tailshakers.............can assist in training your dog!

DogGone Running....... can assist in exercising Your Dog!

You.............................. can offer the affection!

Program 1 - $230

4 - Days of Structured Training/Daycare

4 - 20 Minute Healthy Runs

Example 2 weeks:        Monday - Structured/Training Daycare all day at K9

                                        Tuesday - 20 Minute Healthy Run from your home

                                        Wednesday - Structured Training/Daycare all day

                                        Thursday - 20 Minute Healthy Run from your home

Program 2 - $460

4 - Days of Structured Training/Daycare

10 - 20 Minute Healthy Runs

Example:     Monday - Structured/Training all day at K9

                    Tuesday - 20 Minute Helathy Run from your home

                    Wednesday - Structured Daycare/Training at K9

                    Thursday - 20 Minute Healthy Run from home

                    Friday - 20 minute Healthy Run from home and Private Lesson at K9 with head Trainer

                    Sat - 20 minute Healthy Run from your home

                    Sun - 20 Minute Healthy Run from your home


        Total - 10 Healthy Runs, 5 Structured Daycare/Training, 2 Private One on One Lessons with Head Trainer




Helpful Tips For You & Your Dog



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