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Board & Train

This is the beginning stages of learning how to properly hold your leash, where your dog should be in the heel position and how & when to apply corrections for the heel position. We will also teach you how to walk your dog with a loose leash.

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K9 Tailshakers Board & Train is a "head start" to Training although commitment and training will still be required on your end. Your dog will spend 2-3 weeks at K9 Tailshakers working with their own private trainer. During this time your trainer will lay down a clear foundation of obedience. When we transfer the dog over to you, you will then need to learn handling skills and how to maintain what your dog has learned  and continue training your dog as well. In a Board and Train your dog will learn, sit, down, stay, recall, place, heel, loose leash walking and more depending on the dog and how long they stay with us. In 3 weeks the dog will begin the stages of off leash healing and have a much stronger recall.

Included in the 2-3 weeks of Board & Train are Private Lessons, Video and Pictures, Homework Sheets, Access to Study Hall for 3 months and Free Access to an Intermediate Class once your Trainer feels you and your dog are ready.

Not included are make up lessons for missed lessons and no shows and training equipment.  The use of a quality leather leash is highly recommended and we will only work with Herm Sprenger and E-Collar Technologies Training Products due to quality, customer service and warranties.

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