Canine Massage

K9 Tailshaker's  Certified Canine Massage Therapist, Maxwell, will have your dog relaxing in no time!  Maxwell is certified in both Human and Canine Massage!

Maxwell will work one on one with your dog in our private and relaxing Canine Massage Room dedicated just for Canine Massage.   Quiet, calming and relaxing music with dimmed lighting will set the mood for any dog to relax. 


This is the perfect option to add onto your dogs boarding and/or daycare stay.  Please read the below information Maxwell has put together showing the benefits of Canine Massage!

Benefits of Canine Massage


Massage can offer a variety of benefits to your canine companions; the variety of benefits that stress relief can have, to the relaxing of hypertonic muscles, to just convincing some dogs that touch is not only okay, but can feel good, and even be enjoyed. It can especially be good for dogs that may not be super excited about staying away from home for a period of time, or for those who may over-enjoy themselves in our ICP or A La Carte programs. Any dog can benefit from massage, and every dog takes something different out of the experience, but here are some of the most common benefits associated with Canine Massage:


  • Stress relief: Stress has physical, mental, and emotional effects on dogs as well as us.  Massage can help to decrease the cortisol levels, and increase the dopamine levels thereby reducing stress, and increasing pleasure and relaxation on the hormonal level. When bodies, human or canine, are stressed at high levels, it can create dysfunction.  While some levels of stress are necessary to do a job, or chase a ball at peak performance, this stress sometimes likes to stick around when it is not needed, or welcome!


  • Muscle Stimulation / Relaxation: Whether it’s an old-timer who doesn’t get as much movement as they did in their youth, or a puppy who cannot seem to self soothe yet, massage can benefit the muscular system, and allow the body to function at its best. Canine Massage can help to release muscles held in tight patterns, which could lead to discomfort and decreased range of motion, among other things. Massage also helps by applying mechanical pressure to the cells of the body, helping to remove waste products and allowing nutrients to enter the cell, this can be especially helpful for dogs older and infirmed dogs that don’t move as much, as movement is the normal catalyst for this cellular function.



  • Trust Building / Acclimation to touch: For dogs that tend to not trust, massage can be invaluable in building relationships with people. Whatever the circumstances, with the correct approach and patience, even the most terrified dog can learn to tolerate and/or trust; new people, or men, or women, or tall people, or whatever it is that triggers them. Whether the dog is scared, aggressive, or just shuts down when confronted with new people, we can work with them to trust enough to receive the benefits of massage, and we can share techniques for you to use at home with your family and friends.


  • Boarding: We’ve already touched on stress relief, but these benefits can greatly help those who may have a harder time coping with being away from home. When the dog can associate the good feelings that come from a massage session, with the place they are staying, they can rest easy and enjoy the rest of their time and activities even more!



*Massage is not a replacement for proper veterinary care, and it is not a cure for any disease, it merely helps to put the body in a better position to function properly, and heal itself.



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