Board & Train

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2 & 3 week Programs available.

Our Board & Train program offer busy clients a jump start on their training. Many clients work full time and/or have children and find it difficult to find time to devote to training.  We can help by laying down the foundation and then teach you how to apply it at home and in everyday real life situations.  We don't just train the dog, we train you! 


Private Lessons are included and are a vital part of your program.   We will provide your dog with a great foundation although it is up to the client to maintain the level of structure and consistency when their dog returns home, particularly the first few months after they return home.  Think about starting a program at the gym, if you stop going the results will begin to fade.  


We provide a Go Home Show, Private Lessons and Maintenance Classes.

Commitment is required from the client as a vital part of your dogs success.  Clients must commit training at home and follow up lessons. Your plan is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT part of transferring skills learned with us to your home.

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