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Kristen Toth

Kristen is an avid animal lover. She spent her childhood around dogs, cats, horses, and everything in between. Her passion for animals leads her to the University of Illinois where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Animal Science. Her time at UIUC was spent gaining knowledge about animal anatomy, physiology, and biology as well as learning about real life problems in the animal world. She gained firsthand experience in agriculture by working with farms that specialized in cattle, cows, and horses. 


Along with her education, she has about 6 years of experience in the dog daycare industry. Through her experience, she has gained a vast amount of knowledge on dog behavior. She puts her knowledge and experience to the test every day and could not be more fulfilled with providing top notch care for the dogs at K9 Tailshakers!


In her spare time, she enjoys watching new movies, transporting/fostering dogs and spending time with her own dogs, Charlie and Stark. The three of them are always ready for an adventure. Their adventurous spirits have led them to South Carolina, Florida, and Colorado with many more road trips to come!

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