Step One:

Please watch the videos entirely, view prong collar pictures and read prong collar/training tips before you move to Step Two.  As we move forward to the following weeks, please make sure you are watching the right Videos as the Homework Sheets directly correlate with the Video.  Example: Week 1 Videos belong to Week 1 Homework.

We will upload new Homework Videos & Homework Sheets every Friday.  This will give you an opportunity to review over the weekend what we will be working on the coming week. 


Please remember to check your private videos also. 

Homework and Bonus Videos
Instructional Prong Collar Pictures

Prong Collar Safety

  • Do not leave the prong collar on when your dog is not being watched over

  • Do not leave the prong collar on when your dog is in a crate

  • The prong collar is to fit snug around your dogs neck just below the ears, not hanging loosely around the neck

  • Please check as your dog grows or gains weight as you may need to add links

  • It is recommended your prong collar is always backed up by a carabiner clip and/or prong collar adaptor at all times when in public.  Please see Instructional Pictures


  • Always remain calm and patient when communicating with your dog

  • Never become angry or frustrated when training.  Walk away and come back to training later

  • Always follow through with what you ask.  Don't request something of your dog and walk away when they don't do it.  BE CONSISTENT

  • Repetition and consistency is the main ingredient

  • Everyone in the home should be on the same page with commands and following through

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*Please note there will be no week 4 video as week 4 we will be testing all the dogs for Phase 1.  Wk 4 homework sheet will consist of what we will be testing your dogs on.   Please practice on wk4wk 4.   Lynn will have your phase 1 test videos up as soon as she can!  Great Phase 1 everyone!!!!

Step Two:

Please print the PDF and turn in homework each week. You can also get a hard copy from your trainer or the front office if you cannot print. You may upload your homework here by scanning or taking a photo and attaching the file.  You can also turn it in to the front desk, trainer or email.  Every Friday we will add a new Homework sheet.

Step Three:

Extra Credit = Extra Prize! Submit a simple 1-3 minute Video of you practicing and you and your dog will get to pick a prize out of the Treasure Chest!