Classes & Lessons

Puppy Class

Puppy Class w/ distraction

Intermediate Class Training in Public setting

Class practicing in public setting


K9 Tailshaker classes focus on balancing life and the family pet.   In class our trainers will provide you with skills to practice at home, give you an unbiased education about the tools that are available to help you and will focus on 'REAL LIFE" training situations such as but not limited to;

  • no bolting though doors

  • loose leash walking

  • sit, down, stay

  • place command

  • and much more..

K9TS trainers teach place for dogs during family meal times, when guests arrive and just when you need time for yourself.  We focus on public manners so your dog can be a part of your families every day life such as taking your kids to the park, going to the farmers market and out to lunch while your dog is in a down stay by your side.


We are very big advocates of public manners! Frankfort and surrounding communities have allowed many venues with our pets and we want to respect that privilege as well as continue to have our family pets be a part of our every day lives. .  

Due to Covid-19 Federal recommendations of social distancing, all Classes are suspended temporarily.  Classes resume week of 4/5/20

Puppy OB


Introduction to leash/walking on leash, sit, down and place.  Exposure to small obstacles and different surfaces and textures.  Class ends with a short social interaction. Puppy class is geared for dogs 20 weeks old and younger who have not completed their vaccinations yet.  We require proof that your puppy has started their vaccination scheduled.




Puppy Class 8 weeks $200

3/4/2020  Puppy Class 6p- p - FULL

3/22/2020 Puppy Class 10a-11a

5/31/2020 Puppy Class 7:15p-8:15p

Please do NOT bring your dogs with you for the very 1st class.






Looking to get a jump start on your puppy training?  Not in a class yet?  Join us for a 1 hour workshop to start learning what you can do NOW to help your puppy be the best puppy ever unit you can get into our next class!

4/20/2020 7:15p - 8:15pm 

Puppy Workshop

Workshop $30

Private Lessons


Private Lessons are great for those that can't make our class times, dogs that may need more help in specific areas or for those dogs not suitable for class environments....yet.

Private Lessons allow for the trainer to focus on not only your dog although you and your handling skills as well. 

Private Lessons are typically done at our training center and when the trainer feels you and your dog are ready lessons will travel to your home and/or specific areas where we can proof and start working real life distractions and/or start class.

Lessons are scheduled via our front office

Trick/Agility Combo Class

This 6 week class will offer loads of fun for those looking to do agility and tricks without the competition.  Want to do something extra with your dog and build their confidence while having fun?  This is the class for you!  Try the tunnels, A-Frame, Teeter, Weave Poles, Dog walk and much more!  Want your dog to show off?  Come and learn how to Roll Over, High 5, Sit Pretty and more.  

Brand new clients to K9 MUST complete a consultation with class trainer prior to joining this class. 

Tricks/Agility 6 weeks $175  

 4/19/2020      3:30p - 4:30p    $175.00 

This class needs a minimum of 4 teams to run.

*This class also spends time outside when the weather permits.  *

Beginner OB


Begin learning the basics such as sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, the place command, not bolting through doors, etc. Beginner Class is geared for dogs who have completed their vaccinations and are 4/6 months and older.  

Beginner 7 weeks $175

3/4/2020 Beginner 7:15p-8:15p-FULL

3/15/2020 Beginner 11:15a-12:15p-FULL

5/6/2020 Beginner 7:15p-8:15p

5/31/2020 Beginner 11:15a-12:15p

Please do NOT bring your dogs with you for the very 1st class. 

Bridge to Beginners

Workshop $30

Looking to get a jump start on your training?  Not in a class yet?  Join us for a 1 hour workshop to start learning what you can do NOW to help your dog be the best dog ever until you can get into our next class! 

4/6/2020  7:15p - 8:15pm




In Intermediate class we will often meet in a public setting to begin perfecting skills with real life distractions.  We begin asking more of our dogs and will start adding harder exercises to help proof and perfect your dogs skills making them the ultimate Family Pet!



Intermediate Class is for clients who have completed our Beginner's class, completed Private Lessons or have Trainer's Approval.  New clients wishing to enroll in an Intermediate level class MUST complete a consultation with our Training Department.

Intermediate 6 weeks $175

3/15/2020 Intermediate 12:30-1:30P

5/31/2020 Intermediate 12:30p-1:30p


CGC Prep


2wk Refresher & 3rd week is the Test

Refresher + Test $165

3 week session

3/15/2020 3:30p-4:30p

CGC Prep Classes are for those who have completed Beginner & Intermediate Classes, Day Training, Private Lessons,  or otherwise have been approved by a K9TS Trainer.  This class will go over the exam one by one and give you the opportunity to understand how your dog is performing with each requirement.  Each class is 1 hour.  Testing is apr. 45 minutes depending on number of applicants.  The class needs a mnimum of 4 teams to run.

See CGC Test Requirements Here

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