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K9 Tailshakers takes extreme pride in how we have set up our facility Day Programs. With many years of experience, exposure to the Industry and education, our programs continually evolve for the better.

 Enrichment Activities Program.  We were one of the first in the Industry and still one of the only in the area offering one on one activities to dogs in the form of Treadmills, K9 Fitness, Puzzles, Agility for Fun, Tricks, Mini Obedience Sessions and much more!  We have Certified K9 Fitness Instructors and Certified Tricks Instructors keeping dogs minds and bodies busy! 

Structured Daycare Program.  K9 Tailshakers Daycare has evolved so much since our inception 17 years ago. Today we operate one of the safest, healthiest and least stressful daycares in the industry which rotates play sessions in groups no larger then 6 dogs in 30 minute play sessions. No wonder we are a multiple Award Winning Facility year after year! 

Please click on each program page and learn more about the programs and why we operate and structure our programs the way we do. 


K9 Tailshakers
Day Programs!

Drop Off Times​:

Monday - Friday 6am-9am

Saturday - 7am-9am

Sunday - 8am-9am

Vaccinations Required: Rabies, Distemper Combo and a Bordetella and Negative Fecal within the last 6 months. Please talk to Veterinarian and let them know your dog will be congregating with other dogs.

Pick Up Times:

Monday - Friday: 3pm-6:45pm

Saturday 2pm-4:45pm

Sunday 2pm-4:45pm

Late Pick Up: Dogs picked up after 7pm M-F or Sat/Sun after 5pm will be charged a late pick up fee of $20 per 20 minutes until picked up. 

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