Intermediate/Advanced  Drop In Class

This class will focus on proper implementation of training techniques to strengthen your dogs' heel command, recall and to build their confidence through obstacles, and other challenging exercises.  It also aims to teach handlers how to communicate better with their dog, strengthening the relationship, and allowing the team to overcome challenges together. 

Classes will be held in various locations such as the facility, outdoors and various public settings.  Please refer to the Sign Up Button for Dates and Locations.

Instructor:  Maxwell


Intermediate Class, Board & Train or Instructor Approval

Required Equipment:

  • Training Collar (can use e-collar only if already e-collar trained, but should also have a prong collar)

  • Leash

  • Long Line

  • Short Tab

  • Toy (Preferably a Tug or Ball on a Rope

Skills Covered:

  • Heel as a position

  • Leash Skills (handler)

  • Come as a position

  • Recall

  • Stand

  • Obstacles

  • Off-leash Obedience