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Enrichment Program Activities
Pet Tech First Aid & Rescue Breathing
Summer Time Fun

Enrichment Program Lead is a Certified Canine Fitness Coach, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Pet Tech CPR & Rescue Breathing Trained and Certified IBPSA Pet Care Provider & Pet Care Specialist.


Indoor Heated & Air Conditioned Exercise Areas

Outdoor Play & Bathroom Yards

Treadmills, Canine Fitness, Agility for Fun, Puzzles, Mini OB Sessions, Private Play, Walks and more....


Enrichment Program Memberships with Guaranteed availability, even when boarding on your days. Discounted rates for off program days.

Pet Tech First Aid & CPR Trained Staff

Providers are trained in understanding how to read dog body language, stress signals, over stimulation and understand group play responsibility to uphold a safe, happy and healthy environment for dogs in our care.


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What is the Enrichment Program?

Many people do not realize your dog's mind needs to be exercised just as much as the body if not more!  When dogs are getting lots of exercise but still acting crazy or destructive, it is often because they are not also mentally challenged. Canine Enrichment engages your dog in activities that stimulate their mind and body encouraging your dog to problem solve, use their body and become more confident.  Work your dogs mind AND their Body in our Canine Enrichment Program! Drop your dog off for the day or add activities on to Boarding or Daycare!  This is a great program for ANY dog although perfect for dogs that are not social with other dogs as all activities are one on one with their own provider!

Shuttle Bus requires advance registration

Drop Off Times​:

Monday - Friday 6am-9am

Saturday - 7am-9am

Sunday - 8am-9am

Vaccinations Required: Rabies, Distemper Combo and a Bordetella and Negative Fecal within the last 6 months. Please talk to Veterinarian and let them know your dog will be congregating with other dogs.

Pick Up Times:

Monday - Friday: 3pm-6:45pm

Saturday 2pm-4:45pm

Sunday 2pm-4:45pm

Late Pick Up: Dogs picked up after 7pm M-F or Sat/Sun after 5pm will be charged a late pick up fee of $20 per 20 minutes until picked up. 

Shuttle Bus requires advance registration

Enrichment Subscriptions listed below:

Having Subscriptions allows us to schedule and staff properly. Drop In's, No Shows and last minute cancellations can quickly have us understaffed or over staffed causing enormous pressure on employees and budgeting.


Not only does it help keep our facility & your dog safe and running efficiently, committing to regular days also helps your dog fall into a structured routine by having regular friends which keeps their play dates as relaxed & routine as possible.

  • You are required to choose recurring designated days. Missed days do not roll over & cannot be moved randomly.

  • We will consider change of days up to 4 times a year, based on availability only.

  • Subscriptions can be put on hold for a max of 3 months for travel or misc. reasons

  • Subscription Days can be used when boarding. Additional Sessions or Activities Added will be discounted to $10 per session while boarding

  • Additional Days may be added at your Subscription Daily Rate with 1 week notice and are based on availability.