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Training Made Fun!

K9 Tailshakers Training Classes are designed to make your Training Goals attainable and fun!  We understand making a commitment to a 7-8 week course can be difficult, not to mention all the information you need to learn AND teach your dog, we are here to keep your goals attainable and fun!


With our  Training Classes you are only committing to 4 weeks at a time.  You can take classes according to what is important to you and take them as your schedule permits.  You can take multiple classes at once or take time in between classes and sign up for the next when you're ready, whatever suites you!


With each completed class you will receive a ribbon and with each completed Level Your will receive a Certificate of Completion. In order to receive your Certificate of Completion or advance to the next Level you must pass a test.  

We look forward to training with you and your dog!  Training Made Fun!


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Training Classes

Level Two is for all dogs over 18 weeks and fully vaccinated.

For excessive barking & lunging or extreme dog/dog or dog/human agression we recommend lessons before classes.


Please schedule a FREE Training Consultation if you are not sure if Classes are for you. 

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  • Drop In Classes

  • Maintenance Classes

  • Study Hall

  • Traveling Training Classes

  • Training Events

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Purchase a Training Package Bronze-VIP and receive a Training Badge to Collect all your Ribbons!

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