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Megan has been with K9 Tailshakers for a few great years now!  We were lucky to scoop her up and have her join us in our Training Department.  Megan plays an important role in our Training Department handling just about anything we give her... always with a smile and returning happy clients.  Megan handles Consultations, Board & Trains, Private Lessons and Classes.  Megan deeply cares about helping her clients and their dogs and focuses not only on training the dog but also training the client so they can apply training techniques while at home or in public.  A fresh approach with laughter and compassion and helping clients feel comfortable and excited about learning how to live life in balance with their family dog, Megan is a gift to the world of dogs. 

Megan grew up in Downers Grove and has a lifelong love of wildlife. Megan went to college at Northern Illinois University and received a BA in Anthropology.  Megan's internship was at Brookfield Zoo in the primate department, specifically Tropic World. While going to college, Megan was hired as a seasonal keeper for the summers in the children’s zoo and began doing mixed animal shows which included pigs, monkeys, goats, llamas and dogs. This was Megan’s first introduction to animal training. After graduation Megan moved to St. Louis and was hired as a keeper in the Bird Department and worked hand raising endangered birds for the zoo. Megan also tried her hand at the Sea Lion Show for about a year and then moved on to being a keeper for the cheetahs and bears, which she LOVED. A move to Baltimore brought Megan to the Baltimore Zoo where she worked in the giraffe house. Megan had her very own free flight bird show at the zoo which included flying owls and hawks. Her favorite bird, Storm, a red shouldered hawk, was her constant companion and cemented her love of birds of prey. Megan made her way back to the Chicago area and went back to Brookfield Zoo for a summer as a keeper and then decided she needed to be home with her two daughters who attend Lincoln Way East. K9 Tailshakers got lucky enough to scoop her up!

Megan volunteered training shelter dogs and found her way to K9 Tailshakers by way of a troubled dog that needed K9's professional help. During that process Megan decided to join the K9 Tailshakers team as an apprentice trainer to learn more about training dogs. She currently trains dogs of all kinds. Megan currently lives in Frankfort with her two daughter’s ages 16 and 19.