You are paying us to be honest...

A contraversial first post coming from us, yes, although an important one. I truly love, from every bone in my body and through the core of my soul what I do for a living. What I and my team advise you is literally based on the best interest of your dog.

I write this not only for my business although many businesses in my industry out there. Yes there are many in this industry out there that are trying to sell you, who maybe don't really care or may be in it for the wrong reasons, although, we, at K9 Tailshakers and many others are in it for the real thing.

When we recommend how to go about training, boarding, daycare, or what ever service we provide, it is because we know and understand how to make your dog have the best experience possible. It only makes it safer, healthier and happier for your dog. There is no up sell or sale or commission attached. By us making your dog happier truly makes us happier, it makes our jobs less stressful when your dogs are less stressed and makes for a much better report card for the client. If we can have a dog board with us with the least anxiety and stress, by all means we are going to take every route possible to make that happen. Why do we care so much... well first because we are all dog owners ourselves. We get it, we understand you're scared, your dog is scared and you are not quite sure.

We also know, if your dog gets sick we have to take more trips to the vet, call you, call your emergency contact, check up continually and probably administer meds, apply a special diet and quite honestly continually clean a cage of runny feces. We WANT your dog healthy and happy for multiple reasons. A sick dog costs us a clients trust, more hours, money and makes us personally sad to see a dog in such a state.

My point is the continual recommendation regarding consistency in boarding, training and daycare is a valid and very real recommendation. Without consistency in any of these programs there is likely an unhappy dog or client to evolve.

I can not express it enough. Dogs have very hightened senses making it easy to become overloaded. We have all heard the term sensory overload.... think about how keen our dogs senses are. Particularly when it comes to sound and smell. It is not even close in comparison.

Come into a facility with multiple dogs they have never met, people they have never met, places they have never played, stayed, smelled, seen etc... AND it all changes daily. New dogs arrive, current dogs leave, staff shift changes etc. I'm not trying to make it sound like a nightmare for your dog but think about starting a new school and the students are changing everyday?

Some people would welcome the change and others would not handle it as well. That does not mean you have a bad student, it simple means it takes time for some to adjust... but.... just as they adjust.... it changes... then we don't see that student for another two weeks, month, 6 months, a year and we are right back at square one.

This is where we do not recommend daycare. The first few days are an adjustment period, they start getting comfortable the following days and then they leave. Then we start all over the next time you come back.

This is where we recommend NOT choosing daycare if that is what the staff is recommending. It DOES NOT mean your dog isn't social, bad or "The good dog" that can't fit in right away. In fact, your dog is MORE NORMAL then the dog that can fit into daycare on a whims notice!

This isn't a race to see who's dog is more social then the other and why does it feel like that? Stop thinking daycare is the BEST option for your dog because quite honestly it's not.

Lets stop trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole in one push. I'm not saying dogs shouldn't work through tough times or stress.... but to come randomly and not be consistent does not allow us to do what we need to do in order to have your dog properly relax and enjoy it or "co-exhist" with others dogs without major stress. Even then, if they are just "co-exhisting" why not have them do some activities they can really enjoy the benefit them physically and mentally? Some dogs just don't want to be the life of the party and that is the norm!


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