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Theresa Jaworowski, CPACP

Theresa has been involved with dogs her entire life. She has worked in the veterinary field for almost 10 years as a Vet Assistant and joined the K9TS Team in 2016. Theresa, a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider and a Certified Canine Care Specialist is always looking to broaden her knowledge, and has completed numerous Certifications and Courses including but not limited to Pet Techs First Aid and Rescue Breathing Training.  Theresa has been cross trained and has worked in almost every department and can assist anywhere in K9TS although you will find her most often at the hub of K9TS in our office coordinating and setting up the clients and departments for success but more importantly greeting her furry friends.  Theresa likes to relax and spend her free time with her husband, three daughters, four dogs and bunny.

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