noun bal·ance \ˈba-lən(t)s\

"mental equilibrium; mental health; calmness, a state of remaining clear-headed and unperturbed"

"mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc."

"having no emotion too strong or too weak; stable."

"with all parts combining well together or existing in the correct amounts"

Here at K9 Tailshakers we believe in giving both sides of the conversation to the dog.  We believe in yes and no and being clear so there is no guessing on the dogs part as to what is expected.  We believe in praise for job well done and correction when they do something wrong or dangerous.

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Dog Training


Here at K9 Tailshakers we focus on everyday, real life, training that families can use at home and in public.

Enjoying a meal without begging or counter surfacing, going for a walk without lunging, barking or pulling, having company over without your dog jumping all over, enjoying lunch in a public setting on a patio without your dog begging for food or bothering guests are all skills your dog can learn. Spending time with your family dog should be enjoyable and stress free.

We will teach you how to properly train, reward and correct your dog as well as teach you how to play with your dog and build a lifetime relationship that you all can enjoy.

Our approach begins at the facility at the basic level working up to Environmental exposure and Training and Public exposure & Training.


Learning place regardless of distractions is a valuable tool for any owner!

Staying in place during distractions

Take Back




Is your dog no longer enjoyable? 

* Chewing

* Trouble with recall (coming when called)

* Selective Obedience

* Nipping

* Dragging you on your walks

* Counter Surfing

* Lunging and Barking on Leash

* Charging Doors

* Jumping on your guests

* Digging

* Begging at the Dinner Table

Stop Talking


You did it!  You are here.  Call to book your no obligation FREE Consultation! You are on your way to training the family dog you and your family deserve!

We of course want to listen, but we love putting plans into action for you fast!  Our team is ready and we thrive on success and changing the life of our clients and their pets!

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