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Consistency plays a big roll across all of the programs we offer here at K9 Tailshakers.  

From Training and Boarding to our Day Programs consistency is our biggest goal.

Consistency is the key to any successful program at K9 Tailshakers, particularly Training.  Although, our Day Programs & Boarding guests have consistency as well.  By providing guests with routine schedules and structure it allows our guests to relax and know what to expect.


Here at K9 Tailshakers, the programs run  the same way everyday.  We encourage consistency in training, daycare, boarding as well as in the home.

Being consistent, is being clear, fair and the best way to help communicate and build trust with your dog. 

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Why Choose

K9 Tailshakers?


K9 Tailshakers is committed to providing the best care that your dog understands and needs.  We have been a locally family owned, small business for 15 years.  Truly caring about our clients is a way of life; not a marketing pitch to get you in the door. 


We understand and want to do what is in your dogs best interest and not just "sell" the client. Your dog doesn't know the difference between a blue or a green wall, but they do know the difference when it comes to proper care and compassion.   At K9 Tailshakers you're paying for what really matters and not just something shiny. Check out some of the training our team has!

Pet Tech First Aid & Rescue Breathing Trained

IBPSA Certified Canine Care Providers

IBPSA Certified Canine Care Specialists

Pet Care Professional Infection Control Certification

Professional Pet Boarding & Group Play Certification

Safe Handling Certification

Aggression in Dogs and How to Identify

Vaccinations & Zoonotic Diseases

and much, much more!

Calm & Safe Play Groups Inside

Training that applies to real life!

Staff Training Pet CPR & First Aid

Interactive Care Program

Summer time fun!