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Cute Dog

Basic Bath

Basic Bath, Dry & Brush

Trimming the Fur


For in between Grooms.  Shampoo, Brush & Blow out. Lite Trim on Face and Body, Nails & Ears

Combing the Fur

Full Groom

Delux Bath, Dry, Trim/Cut to Client Specifications, Nail Clip, Grin/Buff, Ear Cleaning, Shedless Treatment, Blueberry Facial, Anal Glands if requested.  Bandanna and Finishing Spritz Spray


The Works

Delux Bath, Conditioner, Hand Dry, Hair Cut, Nail Clip, Grind/Buff, Ear CLeaning/Plucked if needed, Oral Hygiene w/ toothbrush to go home, Shedless Treatment, Blueberry Facila, Anal Glands if requested and Bow or Bandanna, Finishing Spritz Spray.

Nail Clip

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim/Grind $15

Ear Cleaning $10

Ear Clean & Nail Trim/Grind $20

Full Face Trim $20

Paw Pads & Feet Trim $15

Shedd-less Treatment $20

Lovable, adorable puppy of chocolate color. Close-up, outdoor. Day light. Concept of care,
dog with kong.webp

Add on Services

Stuffed Kong $15

Medium Stuffed Kong $18

Large Stuffed Kong $20

Treat Filled Puzzle $5

Licky Matt $5


grm 1.jpg

Talk to our groomer about a recurring grooming schedule to keep your dogs coat healthy so we can prevent shaving.  Also, please note Doodles, Newfies, Giant Long haired breeds can take upwards of two full appointments and will be charged accordingly.  It is recommended to prevent matting and prevent grooms that take longer times to stay on a regular grooming schedule which will also help keep the price lower.

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