Kennel is separate from the DayCare & Training Floors maximizing your dogs ability to relax away from the hustle & bustle of the other departments. 

Fully Heated & Air Conditioned Kennel

Outdoor Bathroom Yards, Indoor/Outdoor Play Yards for fresh air on those beautiful days!

AM Daycare Included & No charge for medication administration 

Enrichment Options for both Social or Non-Social Dogs available.  See A La Carte Page.

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Pet Tech First Aid & Rescue Breathing Trained

IBPSA Certified Pet Care Specialist & Providers

Professional Pet Care Infection Control Certification

Professional Pet Boarding & Managing Group Play Certification

Vaccinations & Zoonotic Disease Training

Voted for numerous Best Boarding Awards 2017-2020! K9 Tailshakers has proven award winning Services!


Boarding Dogs in Daycare:  Dogs that are put into groups when they come only 1-2 times a year for vacation and are not attending daycare on a regular basis can be overwhelmed and anxious when suddenly in a large group of unknown dogs and away from their family.   We want the dogs in our play groups to truly enjoy large social groups and not just "tolerate" group play.  A dog playing regularly with a couple of neighbors dogs, friends dogs, family dogs or a few dogs while the owner is with them at a dog park, in no way, indicates your dog dog will enjoy large groups of unknown dogs, in an unfamiliar environment, with unfamiliar people and the owners not present.  


Often times it takes them several days to warm up and then on their final day/s they might start to enjoy it and by then their boarding stay is over and they go home.  We would rather your dog not be overwhelmed the majority time of their stay with a new environment.  We like to take it slow and have them enjoy their entire stay with us and not just their last day or two. For Boarding Dogs, we recommend our Enrichment Program/A La Carte Program which provides TONS of one on one enriching activities and fun with their own personal enrichment provider.  Please see our A La Carte options for one on one enrichment and exercise.